Starseed Kids Camp is a unique opportunity for kids (ages 5-8) to learn valuable growth mindset skills, while deepening a connection with nature and each other.

Offered during the summer months of July and August at the Open Heart Ranch (aka our dream starseed home in the making!). 

Starseed Kids Camp is a safe, caring, and heart-centered environment where your children will participate in positive activities to enhance self-confidence, kindness, gratitude and responsibility.

In caring for your little Starseeds, we will nourish their brilliant minds with positive and fun activities. We will also empower them to embrace and express their individuality.

Campers will interact with nature, farm animals, and each other to create magical memories leaving them feeling respected, appreciated, and loved.

They will take part in fun activities such as arts and crafts, meeting and learning about farm animals, and mindfully exploring the great outdoors!

Your child will have the time of their lives meeting new friends and being apart of a heart-centered, holistic community.

Starseed Campers have the option to enjoy one of six, action-packed Saturday morning camps.

Morning Only Camps in July 

Saturday, July 6th - Camp Theme: Kindness to Self and Others
Saturday, July 13th - Camp Theme: Gratitude and Appreciation
Saturday, July 20th - Camp Theme: Confidence and Self-Belief 

Morning Only Camps in August 

Saturday, August 3rd - Camp Theme: Kindness to Self and Others 
Saturday, August 10th  -  Camp Theme: Gratitude and Appreciation
Saturday, August 17th - Camp Theme: Confidence and Self-Belief 
* Saturday morning camp begins at 10:00AM, and ends at 1:00PM. Campers have the option to register for one, or multiple morning camps. 

Amenities and Activities Offered at This 
All-Inclusive, Holistic-Inspired Camp: 

Healthy Organic Meals and Snacks

Your children will discover how delicious healthy dishes can be. We focus on local, organic whole foods and explain to campers how using fresh, seasonal ingredients is great for both our bodies and the planet. 

Campers will love working alongside each other as they learn how to read and follow a recipe, measuring and mixing, and how to prepare healthy organic meals and snacks. Dietary restrictions and food preferences are taken into consideration. 

Growth Mindset Activities and Books

When children become stuck in negative self-talk or can’t push through their fear of failure, it’s hard to know how to help them.
At Starseed Kids Camp, we create engaging activities that help kids develop a growth and resilient mindset so they can face life’s challenges with confidence.

Creation Station with Inspiring Craft Projects  

Our collection of fun and inspiring craft projects that will get your children excited about having a growth mindset.

Camp Theme Days are what make our camp so special and unique. Each day campers will participate in art and craft activities that are centered around 1 of our 5 founding Starseed Camp Principles (Kindness, Gratitude, Confidence, Compassion & Responsibility). 

Meet and Learn About Farm Animals 

Campers will get to meet and learn about our two pygmy goats (Oreo & Molly) and our family of chickens. They'll collect eggs, feed and provide water to these friendly and funny, farm animals. 

Trail Walks and Nature Hikes

Children love the freedom of running down trails, climbing on fallen logs, examining animal tracks, and everything else the great outdoors has to offer.

Rain or shine your children will connect with the magic and beauty of nature, while learning about various plants and wildlife through fun activities such as Scavenger Hunts, I Spy!, Pick-up Sticks, etc.

Outdoor Play in Our Forest School Inspired Backyard  

We encourage hands-on learning, because we believe that meaningful education grows out of experience – when kids use their senses to touch, hear, see, or smell something in nature, they can more deeply understand and appreciate it. 

This learner-centred approach helps children foster a deeper sense of themselves, a sense of place and a meaningful connection with the natural world. 

Playground Free-Play 

Playgrounds are more than just fun places where your child can spend free time. They help all kids develop and foster important skills such as balance, coordination, and body awareness.

Free play is not just goofing around. Free play helps your child learn to communicate with other kids and practice conversation and vocabulary. It helps them learn how to follow and change rules, share, and take turns as they make up games with each other.  

Music and Circle Time 

Circle Time plays a big role here at Starseed Kids Camp.   Spending time in circle your children will get a sense of community with other kids, enhance their social skills and improve their attention span. 

We also believe that music is an essential part of every child's development. A great song can often light up their eyes, encourage them to move around and dance, and help instill a sense of confidence and freedom of expression.  

Yoga and Mindful Meditation 

Your children will derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation will improve. 

During mindful meditation campers will learn how to quiet their “monkey minds” and learn techniques to deal with stress and anxiety in their modern world.
Discover the Magic of Starseed Kids Camp!
Camp Details & Information:
Starseed Kids Camp is held at a private home in St. John's, NL. 
 Nestled in the beautiful, as easily accessible Airport Heights area, just minutes off the Outer Ring Rd. 

 The property offers both indoor and outdoor-inspired gathering spaces with access to a fabulous neighbourhood playground and beautiful walking trails.

Camp Tuition Fees:
Full Tuition for Starseed Kids Day Camp is $20 per child, which includes healthy, organic meals, as well as snacks, fun activities, arts & crafts and inspiring guest visits. 
Siblings receive a discount of $5!  So your second child’s tuition is only $15. Registering 2 kids would be $35 total. 

Tuition is paid on-line by clicking the registration button below. 
Click the button below to register your Starseed in one or more of our Summer Camps
Courtney Rowsell is an Empowerment Life Coach that offers a holistic approach to living well. She strives to encourage adults and children of all ages to reach their highest potential by bringing more health, wellness and emotional awareness into their lives.

She has both developed and taught numerous child/youth events and has experience facilitating classes, workshops and activities for kids of all ages. She is a certified Soul Warrior Kids Yoga Teacher and has taught kids yoga, mindful mediation and sustainable living at various community groups and centers across St. John's.

Courtney has 2 children of her own, and is the CEO and Founder of Love Yourself Lean Intl. A wellness company devoted to helping women embrace simple daily self-care practices so they can live a life they love, in a body they love.

Courtney's intention behind the Starseed Kids Camp is to offer a fun and safe container for children to build self-confidence, cultivate daily gratitude and to foster greater kindness, by providing the tools and hands-on experiences to embrace heartfelt connection to themselves, nature, animals and each other.  
Connect With Me!

I am happy to speak with you via email, phone, or in person to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. 

You can reach me at (709) 330-4665 or via email at 
My support team also includes heart-centered moms, and experienced child-care volunteer students.

Thank you so much for your interest in Starseed Kid’s Camp! I look forward to getting to know you and your child this Summer.
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